15 Beautiful Mismatched Earring Designs

Mismatched earrings, is one of the latest jewelry trends among celebrities and fashionistas. To catch up with this trend, many online jewelry stores also have launched unique mismatched earring designs that will go with any type of outfit.

Mismatched earrings are basically pairing up two different earrings. You can make so many pairs of earrings with a handful of earrings.

This mismatched earrings became popular after Saoirse Ronan wore two different earrings for Oscars red carpet. She looked gorgeous with one white color and another green color earring. Don’t believe us?


Like studs, drop earrings. We can match wearing with different stones, different material or even it can be paired with one stud and one drops.

An earring is one of the essentials fashion accessories for any girl. Mismatch your earring when you go to next party, steal all your friend’s attention.

Celebrities Wearing Mismatched Earrings



Mismatched Earring – Latest Trend in Earrings

#1 Full Heart Mismatched Earringsheart-shaped-gold-earring

Ref: Caratlane

#2 Love Mismatched Earringslove-initial-diamond-stud-earring

Ref: Caratlane

#3 Hoop & Hoop Mismatched Earrings

Ref: Caratlane

#4 Star & Moon Mismatched Earringsstar-moon-mismatched-earrings

Ref: Caratlane

#5 Gold Mismatched Drop Earringsmismatched-diamond-earring-drops

Ref: Tanishq

#6 Knock-Out Two Tone Mismatch Dangler Earrings


Ref: Velvetcase

#7 Designer Mismatched Diamond Earring


Ref: Wearyourshine

#8 The Nishadi Mismatched Diamond Earrings


Ref: Wearyourshine

#9 Better half mismatched stud


Ref: Macys

#10 Sign Mismatched Stud earring


Ref: Etsy

#11 Gun and Sword mismatched Earring


Ref: Etsy

#12 Gun and Sword mismatched Earring


Ref: Etsy

#13 Minimal Bar Mismatch Drop Earrings with Open Cube


Ref: Asos

#14 King and Queen Mismatched earring


Ref: Wolf and Badger

#15 Anchor & Ship’s Wheel Diamond Mismatched Earrings


Ref: Allurez

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