15 Name Engraved Ring Designs That Are Perfect For Wedding Season


Are you worried about finding that perfect ring for your marriage? Do you want to choose a unique wedding ring design that nobody else owns in the world? Well, then custom-made name rings are here to recue you.

Name engraved rings are always special as it can help you keep your loved one close to you forever.

You can customize the ring it with your partner’s or both of yours name together, and mentioning specifically how to engrave it- on top of the ring, inner circle or on both sides.

Besides, you can also select the type of metal- gold, silver or platinum, weight of the ring, font style, colour and size, etc. of the name to be engraved.

In case you don’t like your name to be etched on your wedding or engagement rings, we suggest to get your initials engraved on a ring instead. A heart-shaped ring engraved with your name’s initials will be an amazing piece of ornament to adorn your slender, manicured fingers.

Moreover, when it comes to design, you can choose couple’s wedding rings that look alike or go for separate ring patterns and designs for the both of you.

Though the price range of name engraved gold rings is bit on the heavier side compared to other conventional wedding ring designs, it is undoubtedly worth spending for.

Choose a right kind of ring design with name and make it as a symbol of the bond between you and your partner.

To provide you with better options, we have listed some of the best name engraved ring designs from the web. So, what are you waiting for? Just choose the right kind of ring and design before you pronounce “I do”.

1.Infinity gold name ring for wedding


Like the infinite love that you would be sharing with each other, get this gold ring designed with the infinity and the name of your spouse for your D-day.

2. engraved forever gold ringengraved-forever-gold-ring

Promise your love to be ‘Yours always and forever’ with this forever engraved gold ring.

3. Gold wedding band with name etchedgold-wedding-band-with-name-etched

A popular wedding ring which comes with a simple gold band imprinted with the names of the bride and groom.

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4. Couples love name band


A perfect wedding day gift for your beloved- A couple’s love band with each other’s names engraved on it.

5. White gold band with couple name


Again a simple design with couple’s name etched out on it but this time made of white gold.

6. 22K Yellow Gold Ring With First Letters of name


It rains love when the cupid strikes. So, say it with a special gift in a much subtle way with the help of this gold ring in the shape of a bended arrow engraved with the first letters of the two of yours names.

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7. Diamond Rings With Name written inside


It is said diamonds are forever and also a girl’s best friend. So, what better way to woo your better half than gifting this dazzling diamond rings on your wedding? And, to make it more special and personalized, get your name or wedding date etched on the inside of the ring. Let the happy memories stay close to your heart forever.

8. Gold Rings With Couples Name


If you don’t want to go for the usual choices, select white gold instead. It would be less expensive than pure platinum band but would almost have the same elegant look and feel. Also, customize it by engraving the newly wedded couple’s name on it.

9. White Gold Band With Name And Date Etched


Like the simple yellow gold band which is a popular choice when it comes to wedding rings, this resembles pretty much the same ring except it is in white gold. To make it stand out, engrave the couple’s name, their engagement or wedding date on the ring.

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10. Gold Ring With Name Engraved On It


A thin band of gold etched with the special person’s name can definitely win your beloved’s heart without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ref: pinterest.com

Where Can You Buy Name Engraved Rings?

Well, only handful of offline jewellers currently sell such rings and offer even fewer options of customizing it the way you want. It is, therefore, better to get it done from some online jewellery store where you can stick to your desired preferences of customizing your wedding rings.

PS: As these name engraved rings are only custom- made, you can’t buy expect it to be ready and delivered in a day. Engraving name on a ring usually takes 7-14 days. So, if you are planning to buy or gift a ring with the name on it, make sure you order prior to this lead time.

Which ring design you like? Let us know in the comment.

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