15 Name Pendant/Locket Designs for Any Occasion

Name pendant ( AKA name locket) is not a new thing for any fashionista! But what makes it an evergreen trend? Maybe the love for words and letters?(Nay, not really!) But certainly, the crave for owning a personalized and customized piece of jewellery!

From models of runway shows to your favorite B-town celebrities, from crazy fashionistas to your best friend; we have seen everyone flaunt their name pendants. Now it’s your time to make the sassiest and chic appearance in your coolest name pendant!

Yay, so this is the right place to find different name pendant designs available in online stores!

1. Personalized Gold Name Bar Necklace

If you are looking for a classy yet simple name pendant, then this gold name bar is all yours! The beauty of the calligraphy and the elegance of gold is emphasized at its best here.

2. Custom Name & Initial Engraved Gold Pendant

Here’s the loveliest kind of personalized name pendant ever. With names or initials embossed on a little heart, it is the best gift for your love!

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3. Personalized Name Necklace For Mom (Cause no one can love a child like a mother!)

This is a customized statement jewellery for all lovely mothers out there! With the names of the children engraved and their birthstones, this pendant captures mother’s love as a beautiful expression. This is the perfect gift for any mother!

4. Key to heart name Gold pendant

This amazing personalized pendant with name engraving is the most suitable one for couples who want to bring a smile on each other’s face. It’s time to lock your feelings between yourselves!

Reference: getnamenecklace.com

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5. The traditional Personalized Gold Name Locket

Doubtful about how to carry yourself with a gold name locket for a desi wedding? Then here’s the one for you. With traditional designs and modern calligraphy, this design is the best for the desi girl in you.

6. Infinity Name Gold Locket For Couples

This infinity name pendant is a symbol of eternity. It is a cool fashion statement which can be very well accessorized with a casual pair of the tee or even with a beautiful dress!

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7. Classic Personalized Gold Name Pendant

Simple in looks, this name pendant is the most classy thing anyone could ever have! Best for any occasion and attire, this pendant adds a spark of beauty into everything!

8. Custom Made Coded name pendant

Are you in a dilemma whether to reveal your name or not? Then this name pendant will help you keep your identity unknown yet make you look chic with the new fashion of Morse code!

Ref: in.pinterest.com

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9. Customized Name Necklace (Turn it all around)

Vertical Name plate gold necklace is the new the black this season! In a world of similarities, if you want to be unique, then you have found the right choice of pendant. This cut out vertical name pendant will embellish any attire instantly! So be ready to steal the show, man!

Ref: aliexpress.com

10. Baby Name Gold Necklace (Dog tag style)

With dog tag style pendants becoming a new fashion statement, this name pendant with name embossed on the tag is a must have for any ardent fashionista’s wardrobe.

Ref: ssense.com

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11. A Necklace that says your name (The choker name pendant)

What happens when two adorable fashion concepts fuse into one? Then this choker name pendant is the answer. With the best of both worlds here, this fashion statement not just draw attention to the collar bone but also makes one flaunt your name with pride!


12. custom Braille name pendant (The coolest one)

With the most unusual look, this pendant seizes everyone’s heart! Though its appearance is similar to that of any jewellery with fringes, the surprises this has in store is amazing. This can be the perfect accent to any outfit from a day at the office to a night on the town. A Perfect gift for mute & deaf people those could understand only Braille language.

Ref: in.pinterest.com

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13. Gold Script Name Pendant (Layer it and slay it)

Layered name pendant is a new trend that girls love. The more the layers, the more the names engraved and more the names, more the happiness and love!

Ref: malizbijoux.com

14. Real Gold Arabic Name Pendant (Aiwah Habibi!)

Anyone who knows Arabic writing is mesmerized by the charm and elegance of the script. So why not try how dazzling your name would be in Arabic? Here are Arabic name pendants for the calligraphy and language lover in you!

Ref: pinterest.com

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15. Customized name pendant gold in Hindi

Give your wardrobe a radiant look by adding this simple jewellery to it! From fancy stone detailing to creative designs; name pendants in Hindi font is a must have for Hindi speaking people!

Ref: giftcart

Name pendants are the best personalized jewellery piece anyone could own or gift. Want to gift something special to your sister this Raksha Bandhan? Or want to gift yourself with something unique?

So why wait, grab one of these really cool and elegant name pendants, cause in no other way you can pamper a fashion lover!

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