15 Best Gold Mangalsutra Designs For Wedding

Mangalsutra Necklace is an integral part of almost every style of Indian wedding. Mangalsutra (also known as thaali, mangalyasutra, pustelu) is an ornament, usually a gold pendant tied to a thread smeared with turmeric. Based on the regional culture, mangalsutra design may vary across India. In some places, instead of thread, it is often made of black beads.

Mangalsutra, being a symbol of married woman in the Hindu religion, is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom on the wedding day. From then on, the bride is supposed to wear this auspicious piece of jewellery all through her husband’s life. It is considered to be the ultimate symbol of love and bond between married couples.

Also, wearing a mangalsutra is said to have certain scientific benefits like controlling blood circulation and blood pressure levels in a person.

With the passage of time, people started wearing gold mangalsutras, even often just as a fashion statement. So, if your wedding day is around the corner and you are in search of a beautiful new mangalsutra designs in gold either for yourself or your bride, remember there are lot of factors to be taken into account before you purchase one.

Considering your taste and budget, finding the right mangalsutra might be a little tricky task. To ease your burden, we have combed through thousands of mangalsutra designs available online and have selected the best 15 thaali designs made in gold.

Here is a compilation of a range of mangalsutras from big and small to short and long ones.

1. Lakshmi Gold Mangalsutra


Lakshmi gold mangalsutra design

A pendant plays a key role in defining a style in any mangalsutra. This Lakshmi mangalsutra in gold can match your aesthetic sense, looks attractive and captivate everyone. The black beads perfectly compliment the gorgeous pendant giving this gold Hindu mangalsutra design an alluring appearance.

2. Simple Gold Mangalsutra


Traditional Indian Mangalsutra

As mangalsutra is the essential jewelry in any Indian wedding, most people today prefer simple and small mangalsutra that would go with their regular clothing as well. If you want to purchase a short, designer mangalsutra, then this one is for you.

This simple gold mangalsutra design with black beads can be easily carried by women while doing their daily chores as well as working in a professional environment.

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3. Short Mangalsutra In Gold



short mangalsutra design in gold with price

Do you want to make heads turn on your wedding day? Short and intricately designed is stylish and also adds charm to your neck piece.  Stand out from the crowd with gold small mangalsutra designs with intricate designs and black beads.

4. Heavy Weight Gold Mangalsutra


gold mangalsutra designs with indian price

Now is the age to experiment your looks with the numerous options available to you. This simple yet stunning heavy weight gold mangalsutra locket design with lovely black beads is best fit for a traditional function, where you can flaunt your highly traditional, designer and heavy pendant.

5. Black Beads Gold Mangalsutra

gold mangalsutra designs

A perfect pick to grace an auspicious occasion like marriage, this design of mangalsutra in gold will captivate everyone with its simple yet ethnic and elegant design.

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6. Long Gold Mangalsutra

mangalsutra design in gold

If you like to wear a long mangalsutra, this one is for you. This long gold mangalsutra with black beads can look spectacular on you giving you a unique as well as traditional feel and appearance.

7. Diamond Mangalsutra in Heart Shape

gold mangalsutra designs with price

Looking for something as romantic and unique as your relationship with your better half? Diamonds are on top of every woman’s wish list. This mangalsutra with heart shaped pendant with gold and diamonds is just the one for you!

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8. Hanging Pendant Gold Mangalsutra

24kt gold mangalsutra designs with price

The hanging mangalsutra studded with lovely black beads is a beautiful yet subtle gold mangalsutra that can be worn your entire life. You can also opt for a change by choosing different coloured beads or stones.

9. Peacock Gold Mangalsutra

Peacock gold mangalsutra (1)

Colourful and stunning, this peacock mangalsutra is sure to cast a magical spell on the onlookers and add a touch of dazzle to your everyday look. It looks chic, stylish and goes really well with your professional get up.

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10. Diamond Kama Mangalsutra

Want to go for a modern mangalsutra design?  This kama mangalsutra is beautiful piece with diamonds artistically placed in heart shaped pendants. It is stylish and can be worn by married women on the everyday basis.

11. 2 Row Diamond Mangalsutra

Why stay stuck with an age old traditional mangalsutra when you have gorgeous options available? This simple gold mangalsutra necklace design with 2 rows of sparkling diamonds is a perfect pick to grace your special day.

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12. Classic Gold Mangalsutra

You can’t get a more elegant and classic mangalsutra design in black beaded chain than this one. This beautiful gold mangalsutra necklace will certainly be treasured by all.

13. Om Mangalsutra

Nothing can symbolise your love, commitment and goodwill towards each than the divine Om pendant on sacred black beaded necklace. It will be a symbol of your love and affection for your better half throughout your years together.

this gorgeous and eye-catching, and will surely add sparkle to your everyday outfit. You can also buy matching earrings with the pendant. It will give you a unique and complete look.

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14. Choker Mangalsutra

Looking for an ethnic mangalsutra? This beautiful and traditional gold and black glass beads mangalsutra design will sure turn heads on your special day. It is simple and easy to wear.

15. Gemstone Mangalsutra

A gorgeous stone at the center of your mangalsutra necklace can look stunning and leave everyone speechless. The stone can be gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald etc.


We hope you are inspired by these unique and stylish mangalsutra designs to make your D-Day extra special. If you think we have missed out any of your favourite designs, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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