10 Best Jewellery Stores In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams is a royal city with a rich cultural heritage. Hyderabad is famous for three things, Beautiful Charminar, Hyderabadi Biryani and Hyderabadi Pearls! It has the most beautiful pearl jewelry which is famous across the globe. But the jewellery showrooms in Hyderabad go way beyond just pearls.

There are amazing gold jewellery shops in Hyderabad who manufacture and sell beautiful and uniquely crafted jewelry. Their intricacy and attention to detail is something which makes them different from the jewelry found in rest of the world.

Here’s a list of 10 best jewellery stores in Hyderabad which would help you in jewelry hunting:

1. Shri Krishna Jewelers

Established in 1967, Shri Krishna jewelers hold the tradition of Hyderabad. Since decades, their name has always been associated with best quality gems and pears and amazing craftsmanship in the Hyderabad market. They supply their jewelry all over the country. They have the best Diamond Jewellery Shops in Hyderabad.

The beauty of Shri Krishna is that they add a poetic charm to their designs which make it feminine yet contain a light wit making the jewelry irresistible. They have Collections like Stone, Uncut, Diamonds, and Antiques.

Web: http://srikrishna.com/

Facebook: srikrishnaindia

2. Chhaganlal Jewelers

With 5 outlets across Hyderabad city, Chhaganlal jewelers are one of the oldest and best jewellery stores in Hyderabad. They are ruling the city for over five decades now and are extremely popular for their amazing gold and diamond jewelries.

They have a wide array of ornamental items ranges like Necklaces, Pendants, Lockets, solitaires, Bangles, Earrings etc. and are trusted for using best quality diamonds and pure gold.

Web: http://www.chhaganlal.com/main.html

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3. Kirtilal’s Jewellers

Kirtilal jewelers have an End-End solution for jewelry. They source the materials from mines, transport it, manufacture it, polish it and send it to stores for sales. Most of their designs are unique and inspired by Mother Nature’s creativity and beauty! It is the ultimate diamond destination.

However, they have amazing gold jewelry too. It is most famous for its brilliant designs available at pocket-friendly prices. For Diamond jewellery in Hyderabad, Kirtilal’s is the first preference. They have a beautiful collection of unconventional jewelry like Expressive Modern Earrings and 3D designs which they refer as “Diamondscapes”.

Web: https://www.kirtilals.com/

Facebook: kirtilalsonline

4. Mangatrai Jewelers

Mangatrai is one of the famous jewellery shops in Hyderabad. Founded n the year 1935 and has been handed down over to four generations of a business family. They are a reputed merchant in Hyderabad specializing in Pearl jewelry along with Diamonds and Stones.

Today they are an exporter of beautifully crafted jewelry all over the world and their brand is considered synonymous with elegance, grace, and beauty in the jewelry industry. They have a huge range of products like Pearl jewelry, Victorian jewelry, Kundan jewelry, Uncut jewelry etc.

Web: http://www.mangatrai.com/

Facebook: MangatraiJewellers

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5. Totaram Papala and Sons

Totaram and Sons had a very humble beginning from crafting Minakari jewelry. But today their passion and love for diamonds and jewelry have made them one of the leading brands in the industry. There are many gold jewellery stores in Hyderabad but Totaram and Sons stand out.

They believe in constant innovation and unique modern designs mixed with beautiful traditional adornments. They have a wide range of Gold, Diamond and Polki jewelry to choose from. Beautiful Polki ornaments being one of their fortes.

Web: http://www.totaramsons.com/

Facebook: totaramsonsjewellers

6. GRT Jewelers

It was founded in the year 1964 in Chennai. Like most big jewelers today, they had a humble beginning focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Today they have 3 outlets in Hyderabad and over 10 cities in South India. Today they are almost the best gold jewelers in Hyderabad.

They offer an array of designs in niches like Earrings, rings, Pendants, Chain etc. And have jewelries made in Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. They also run amazing offers and have gifting solutions too.

Web: http://www.grtjewels.com/

Facebook: grtjewels

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7. Kalyan Jewellers

With faces like Amitabh Bachan and Sonam Kapoor as Brand Ambassadors, Kalyan is very famous and well-marketed brand. Kalyan jewelers are one of the loved diamond jewellery shops in Hyderabad. They have 2 outlets in Hyderabad.

They have a number of sub-brands in their jewelry collections dividing it into different niches based on budget and taste. They are renowned for the customer satisfaction and services offered. From Bangles to rings to heavy jewelry set, it’s a one stop shop for all jewellery collections at various prices.

Web: http://kalyanjewellers.net/

Facebook: KalyanJewellersIndia

8. Jagdamba Jewellers

Specializing in the manufacturing and retailing of Pearl jewelry, which happens to be the pride of Hyderabad; Jagdamba is one of the most sought after brand for the same. Though they have other products like Gold, Silver and Stone jewelry as well, yet their pearls are something that attracts most customers.

Ranging from products like Watches and Choker sets they bring a modern twist to the jewelry trend. You can also check their website for authentic Hyderabad jewellery online shopping.

Web: http://www.jpearls.com/

Facebook: jagdambapearls

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9. Navkar Gold World

A variety of traditional jewelry like Vangi, Longhaar, Matil, Tikka, Vadannam, Bali etc. Navkar is one of the best gold shops in Hyderabad for traditional South Indian jewelry.

They also have other standard products like Necklaces, Chains, and Bracelets. The craftsmanship and usage of color and designs in its jewelry are something that differentiates Navkar from the other Jewelers in town.

Web: http://navkargoldworld.in/


10. Tibarumal Jewellers

Tibarumal Jewellers has been adding the magic sparkle of gold and diamond in the lives of their customers for over 60 years now. Started in the year 1949, they have a huge heritage of ornamenting their customers for decades. Their customers always say that they are among the best gold jewellery stores in Hyderabad.

They design jewelry which is a fusion of past, present, and future which makes their jewelry designs unique and outstanding. You can find a range of designer jewelry and collectibles like Divine Idols here. They specialize in making Gold jewelry, Gem set jewelry, Vaddanam Bracelets, Brooch, Armlet, Earrings etc.

Web: http://www.tibarumalsjewellers.com/

Facebook: tibarumalsjewellerssanjaygupta

So, the next time you are in Hyderabad, shop for pearls along with beautiful Gold and Diamond jewelry and flaunt it off with pride. Apart from the above listed Hyderabad gold jewellery shops, there are a few jewelers like Mohammad Khan and Sons Jewellers, Mor Jewellers, Kysa Vishwanathan, and Sons etc. which you may want to visit.

You must do Hyderabad pearls and Hyderabad bangles online shopping if you aren’t coming to the city soon. So pick up your cards and off to Gold and Diamond shopping.


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