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Wearing a strong piece of jewellery makes women feel like she possesses an extra armour, sometimes life takes you to the places where each piece catches your attention.

Bhima Jewellers is one of such place, the emporium itself is so sparkling and impressive that blows the mind. It is a designer place, you will find enchanting and unique designer jewellery, it has to trend as well as antique jewellery which will help you in elevating your style.

History about Bhima Jewellers  

It started off on 1925, with its extremely creative craftsmanship it amazes people with its sleek and attractive jewellery. K. Lakshminarayan Bhattar well known as Bhima Bhattar (the founder of Bhima Jewellers) started crafting silver tumblers on someone’s order, soon orders grew by leaps and bounds then Bhima started gold and silver jewellery foundation called “Bhima’s golden empire”. It got a rapid success and it has spread all over south India, now its branches exist in Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka. People trust on it as “Bhima gold pure gold”.

Bhima Jewellers Collections

Bhima Jewellers proffers you grand gold jewellery collection and sundry range of jewellery. As the emporium even jewellery glitter and sleek, you can find hidden gems and that one piece you’ve been missing from your collection, easily.

It has an exclusive collection of gold, silver, diamond, platinum and white gold jewellery. Each one has a variety of attractive ornamental pieces such as rings, bracelets, bangles, necklace, studs, mangalsutra etc.

The emporium is enriched with a diverse range of jewellery: traditional, modern, antique, heavy and light weight jewellery. You can select the unique jewellery even from home through Bhima Jewellers online catalogue. The best thing people notice and love about Bhima is it stays up-to-date with the latest jewellery trend.

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Bhima Jewellery Rings Collection

Bhima jewellery ring collection is something you shouldn’t miss when you visit their stores. These beautiful ring designs are made for the trendy couples those ultimately love dazzling styles.

Some are diamond studded, some are studded with precious gemstones while others are simply gold but with twisted and curvaceous trendy designs.

Bhima Jewellery Necklaces Collections

A necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like too much. Bhima necklaces are unique and cool, the designs are just jaw dropping.

Bhima owns antique as well as modern necklaces, each one finely crafted and studded with valuables which will surely make you feel like having all of it. Each one is so beautifully and uniquely designed that makes each necklace a solo piece.

Each one is so beautifully and uniquely designed that makes each necklace a solo piece.

Bhima Jewellery Earrings Collections                 

A bare neck, big earrings are popular, Bhima has a wide range of extremely trending and cool pieces of earring, it even has various kinds such as jhumkas, hangings, studs etc.

You can find gorgeous pieces even on antiques which are proudly owned by Bhima. The traditional and antique pieces are rarely found anywhere and here it is available in great quantity, each design makes people go on aww moment.

Bhima Jewellery Mangalsutras Collections

Mangalsutras are first wore on the most auspicious occasion so it must be gorgeous and special. If you are thinking best then think Bhima Jewellers. 

Bhima’s mangalsutras are prettiest and strong one which will bind your relationship tight. It has stunning designer mangalsutras, diamond studded mangalsutras and the huge range of beautiful pieces.

The black pearl beads are very smooth and it is Matt finish which gives a very royal look to the mangalsutra.

Bhima Jewellery Bracelets Collections

It owns astonishing bracelet collection, each bracelet is brilliantly designed, and it is available in different beautiful patterns, it will also fit for your classy looks with great comfort. Some are even beautifully stone studded which gives a royal look.

It has wide varieties and patterns to choose from, it is also available in white gold with Matt finish which is very trending now.


Bhima Jewellery is quality certified by the highest authority of certification for judging diamond or metals. it sells only certified jewellery, You can also order for crafting your own design pieces of jewellery.

You can choose your favourite design right from your home by logging into our website and surfing our Bhima Jewellers online catalogue. For jewellery shopping, choosing Bhima jewellers will be the best decision you’ll ever make.


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