Engraved Jewellery Buying Guide: Say What You Feel

Introduction To Engraved Jewellery Buying

Jewellery is always special. Be it gorgeous silver jewellery or glamorous gold jewellery or glittering diamond jewellery, every jewellery makes us look good and makes us happy when we receive it as gift.music-couple-wedding-rings

Each jewellery piece has its uniqueness based on the materials used to make it.
You can never go wrong with choosing jewellery as a gift for someone you like. Say what you feel about your loved one by gifting engraved jewellery.

The design of the custom engraved jewellery depends on the style and message engraved on it.

You can write the name, particular date, custom message or anything wish on the gold and silver jewellery.

If you are having planning to buy engraved jewellery, this guide will help you to understand about the different kinds of engraved jewellery available for him and here.

Why is Engraved Jewellery Special?


Every men and woman in the world are unique, and their personalities are. Engraved jewellery gives you an options to create your jewellery with custom messages written on it.

As you choose what is written on the jewellery design, it will be the unique jewellery that no one owns in this world.

Engraved jewellery is unique as like your relationship.

Express love in better way

Couldn’t express your feelings for your love properly?. Engraved jewellery will save you.

Etch your feelings on the jewellery and this masterpiece will speak for you. Also, this etched jewellery will be with your loved one forever.

Specially made for you

Very few jewellery shops have the unique jewellery collections and these are bulk made. But these message written jewellery is custom made.

You can customize the jewellery design as per your need by choosing right font, text size, design, etc.

Inspiration For Engraved Jewellery

Engraved Rings

Rings are one of the primary jewellery that you can’t avoid. You can make it attention grabber by writing on the ring.


Ref: pinterest.com

Wedding couples prefer writing their name on wedding ring & engagement ring to make it as a timeless piece of jewellery that they are going to own.

Apart from the engraving name on rings, you can also try etching fingerprints, heart beats, initials, etc.

Engraved Bracelets

The bracelet can go with both casual and formal attire. These personalized engraved bracelets will become one of your men’s favourite jewellery.

If you are searching for something to impress your guys, it would be the better choice. We have added one of the engravable bracelets for her presented by her dad.


heart-shaped-pendant-with-photos-in-itRef: Pinterest.com

Engraved Pendants

A pendant is a jewellery that lies close to our heart. You can make it more attractive and memorable by engraving your loved one’s name on the pendant or a picture in both of you together.

Custom made name necklaces will be an excellent addition to your collection, and it will be something every can be proud to own it.

Ref: Caratlane.com

Engraved Coins

People prefer to buy gold & silver coins for investment or gifting purpose. Gold coins with some god’s images engraved on it are the popular design of gold coin available in the market.


Ref: gold24

You can choose to customize gold & silver coins by opting for the engraving option. This coins can be customised with wedding couple photo on one side and your wish text on the other side.

These custom engraved gold coins can be used as wedding gift or anniversary gift or housewarming gifts.

Engraved Earrings

Earrings are the perfect accessory to look fabulous on any occasion. Level up your look with these beautiful engraved earrings drops.

A classic earring with engraving will be the eyeball grabber for all the right reasons. Personalized earrings are the engraved jewellery for women that will steal her heart.


Ref: thepersonalexchange.com

What To Engrave On Jewellery?

Once you decide the jewellery design in gold/silver, it’s time to choose what to engrave on the unique jewellery. What you want to write on the jewellery makes it more remarkable.

Based on the occasion and for whom you are buying, you can choose the text accordingly.what-engrave-on-jewellery

Here we are spilling out some engraving ideas on jewellery for your inspiration.

You can come up with more ideas by considering the personality of the person to whom you are going to gift this unique personalized jewellery.

  • Write names ( Individual/Couple)
  • Noteworthy Dates ( Wedding date/birth date)
  • Geo Location( Where you got married/ your native/your favourite place/honey place etc.)
  • Handwriting (Signature, custom love message)
  • Describing relationships (I love you mum, my better half, etc.)
  • Initials(When you don’t like to etch your name on jewellery)
  • Custom Quotes
  • Movie Dialogues
  • Some special symbols

Where Can I Buy Engraved Jewellery?

Searching around your city to buy engraved jewellery will be a waste of your because very few jewellery shops provide engraving options.

Sit down in front of the computer and do a simple Google search, you can find a lot of online jewellery stores specialised in making all types of custom engraved jewellery.

To save your time we are including some of the jewellery store’s website link here:

Online Jewellery Stores(Global)


Online Jewellery Stores(India)


Still, do you have any questions about buying engraved jewellery?. Comment below.

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