20+ Trendy Cartier Bracelet Designs With Price In Gold & Diamond

Every woman wishes to look trendy and fashionable. Jewellery help women enhance their beauty by giving them a limitless style, making them more colorful. Bracelets sophisticate a woman and make her dressing sense more unique.

Being woman we all have a unique fashion sense which gives us a unique identity in the crowd. Cartier has millions of different authentic, trendy and unique collection.

Cartier has always helped women by giving them the exclusive designs to look more bold and innovative.

So, are you looking for something trendy and stylish? Here you are with Cartier’s latest and unique bracelet designs with price from its wide range of bracelet collections.

1.Cartier Love Bracelet 18k Rose Gold Full Pave Diamond

Cartier’s love bracelet consists of 38 models. You can find Cartier love bracelet in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold models. Some of the models have 204 excellent-cut diamonds which ranges $40,100.

Some of the models may also have black ceramic along with diamonds. These Cartier love bracelets prices $43,300 only.

Cartier has also designed some love lock bracelets which looks very simple yet trendy. These love lock bracelets prices $1,630 only. Love bracelet diamonds paved are made of two different color gold with 12- 114 brilliant-cut diamonds.

These Cartier love bracelet with diamond prices from $19,800 to $ 32,700. These Cartier screw bracelets are brilliantly designed bracelets, exclusively designed for you women to magnify your spirit and make you look more charming.

2. Cartier Love Screw Bracelet

This stylish bracelet is just the right choice for your beloved. This Cartier love bracelet gold is a small model of 18K yellow gold along with 117 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.95 carats. This Cartier love bracelet prices only $24,900 is sold with a screwdriver.


3. Cartier Love Gold Bracelet With Diamond

 Here Cartier brings to you another rose gold bracelet of 18K with 204 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 2 carats. It Cartier love bracelet with diamond prices only $40,100. Give yourself the gift of love.

4. Cartier Love String Bracelet For Ladies

Are you thinking how to design your wrist for a date? This design is just awesome with a price of $ 5,900 only. This Cartier love lock bracelet is a 18K pink gold, set with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.65 carats.


5. Saphirs Legers De Cartier Bracelet

A rose gold pink sapphire 18K gold pricing $920, can stay on your wrist for a whole long day yet won’t make you feel tired. It is a simple yet trendy collection.

6. Cartier Diamond Bracelet For Men

This diamond bracelet is a sign of pure elegance. It is a 18K white gold set with 55 brilliant-cut diamonds costing just $11,900.  This unique collection symbolizes excellence and delicacy.

7. Cartier Love Bracelet With Diamonds

It is an 8.41 carats platinum bracelet with 210 brilliant-cut diamonds costing $ 98,00 only, for women who totally believes in unique purity.

8. Cartier Love Bracelet White Gold With Diamonds

This most creative and stunning bracelet of Cartier. This Cartier bracelet prices only $151000. It is a 18K white gold with 104 brilliant- cut diamonds of 4.50 carats and 52 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 5.61 carats. This bracelet will enhance your beauty by radiating your confidence everywhere.

9. Love Bracelet Diamond Pave

This is a 18K pink gold, 18K white gold love bracelet with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds totally 1.47 carats. It is sold with a screwdriver in just $32,700. By locking this bracelet in hand one locks luck and never lets his wishes go.

Cartier Panthere Gold Bangle Bracelet

This France originated bracelet is a fauna rose gold bangle. In 18K gold. The sculpted panther head is set with peridot eyes, and onyx nose and finely finished with black lacquer spots. This bangle costs only $83,000. This elegant bracelet is very unique. It symbolizes royalty.

11. Cartier Three Colour Gold Bangle Bracelet

This yellow pink and white gold Cartier’s “TRINITY” collection is a 18K gold bracelet which costs only $9,721.54. If this bracelet is in your hand it will automatically enhance your trend making you bolder.

12. Cartier Steel Gold Bangle Bracelet

The 18K gold bracelet is a narrow criss-cross band of stainless steel and gold. This France originated bracelet is a stunning collection which costs only $ 32,00. This powerful style is perfectly designed for modern women.

13. Cartier Juste Un Clou Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet

This simple yet trendy bracelet costs $11,800 only. It is a platinum alloy,18K pink gold bracelet for both men and women. This elegant jewellery is the latest luxury revision.

14. Cartier Love Bracelet Yellow Gold For Men

This elegant “ SANTOS” men jewellery is 18K yellow gold. This Cartier gold bracelet prices $3150 only. So, girls here is the best gift for your love.

15. Mallion Panthere Bracelet Seven Diamond Paved Rows

It is a 18K yellow gold with 897 brilliant-cut diamonds of 11.76 carats. This beautiful bracelet price only $155,000. Wearing this bracelet you can enhance your beauty and carry a confident look.

16. 18k White Gold Diamond Cartier Agrafe Bracelet

This Cartier diamond bracelet is a medium model of 18K white gold embedded with 41 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.29 carats. This unique diamond bracelet costs only $ 7,250. This elegant jewellery collection is exclusively made for trendy people.


17. Cartier Agrafe Pearl Bracelet

This is a refined collection of Cartier diamonds bracelet designs of 18K white gold with pearls cultured in fresh water and 122 brilliant-cut diamonds. It costs only $19,800 and is just perfect for you if you want to give yourself a traditional look at ceremonies.

18. Eurou De Cartier Screw Bracelet

Here Cartier brings to you the most sophisticated bracelet of all times. This unlimited style costs only $7,050 and it is a 18K white gold. You can always have a bold and artistic look if you have this on your wrist.

19. Caresse D Orchidees Par Cartier Bracelet

A flower signifies a feminine appeal. The design in this bracelet consists of an orchid flower. The petals in this flower are sculpted with finest precious stones by skillful craftsmen of Cartier. It is a small model of pink chalcedony with 18K rose gold. This beautiful bracelet costs only $2,020.

20. Symbol Bracelet

This heart and symbol bracelet has a cross symbol in it. This bracelet is a 18K pink gold set with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds. It is Cartier love lock bracelet. It is creatively designed by designers to enhance your confidence level by making you look more fashionable.



The above bracelets are all new trends with authentic looks, designed by the experts. These gorgeous bracelets, once on your wrist, will make you rule the world.

So, grab these exclusive designs to make your appearance unique and innovative in the gathering.

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