Different Types of Earrings Designs – Drops, Stud, Hoops & More

Hello, girls, we all love jewelry shopping, but many times it happens that we love one particular earring style.

But aren’t aware of different types of earrings or different earrings styles available in the market and can’t make a right decision as to what to choose.

Different Types of Earrings

  1. Stud Earring
  2. Jhumka Earring
  3. Hoops Earring
  4. Chandelier Earrings
  5. Huggies Earrings
  6. Dangle Earrings
  7. Mismatched Earrings
  8. Drop Earrings

Here’s a list of Different types of earrings and their names along with all the details to make shopping easier for you.

1. Jhumkas

A must-have jewelry piece in the wardrobe of every Indian woman! These jewelry darlings have never failed us and are available in an enormous range of styles.

You can choose from hinged jhumkas or stud jhumkas, afghani jhumkas, hoop jhumkas etc depending on your outfit and desired look.

Generally embellished with beautiful latkans, once ears can never get more feminine!

Gold and Pearl Classic Jhumkas

2. Tassel Earrings

A sizzling new trend which will raise the oomph factor of your look twice! With enticing tassels dropping from a stud, this is a must-have in the wardrobe and can be worn with almost anything.

Look chic with a pair of casual denim and tee when you accessorize with these or look like straight out of a furnace when pairing this with a sexy dress!

deepika padukone- stylish green color earring

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3. Hoop Earrings

If you have always been looking for types of earrings which never lets you down? Then the answer is these scintillating stylish hoop earrings! So subtle and simple and yet so amazing.

These are the basic round earrings which go well with almost anything ranging from dresses to casual tees to kurtis.

4. The Stud Earrings

If you are a girl who likes to keep things pretty simple yet be in the limelight, then a pair of smart studs are going to be your BFF.

If you are bored with the basic different types of gold earrings, you can get studs in an array of designs and shapes ranging from a basic pearl or diamond stud to designer quirky studs.

These can be worn on any occasion and are a boon for office girls as they totally compliment the formal meeting look.

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5. Druzy drop earrings

Drop earrings are a forever favorite and classic and druzy drops are a number of drops aligned one after the other in a straight line.

This adds so much class to any look. A keepsake piece of scintillating earring pair, you can rely on these when nothing seems to work out.

Look drop dead gorgeous with pretty drops and not just one, but many of it. Rock any look be it Indian, Western or Casual with such enchanting pair!

6. Chandelier earrings

As the name and image suggest, these are chandelier shaped earrings which starts at the top from your ear with a stud and widens as it comes down just adding oodles of glamour and glitz to the look.

These are generally heavy and stone studded earrings and are best worn at weddings or any other parties or events when you want to make a statement and stand out in the crowd.

Just pair these darling earrings with a simple outfit and oh girl, you are ready to shine bright!

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7. The Lobe earrings

For an ultra stylish and experimental look, try these bold lobe earrings. They are basically like drop studs with a chain that attaches with the earlobe.

These are a modern chic version of what used to be “kanauti” in the olden days. It is different from the ear-cuffs as the cuffs don’t have any attachment with the earring and are only worn on the cuffs.

8. Drop Hoop earrings

While Basic hoop earrings are a darling for life, there are times you might want to add some element to that plain look yet not making it too loud, there enters “Drop Hoop earrings”! Though these are like the hoops only but have a few embellishments and a small drop added to it.

These gorgeous basics are perfect for your simple traditional attires like Kurtis and Sarees.

You can also find one of these with multiple changeable drops, in which you can change the drop based on the color of your outfit and you are ready to go!

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9. The Dangler earrings

As the name suggests, Dangler earrings have elements hanging or dangling through the main center ear-top. They are available in chains, stones, crystal, fabric and a variety of other dazzling dangling.

These look gorgeous and are visible even through open hair. Dangler earrings are a boon to the women with Round and Oval faces, it adds length to the face making it look slimmer and more beautiful.

10. Afghani Chandbali earrings

One of the current favorites, Afghani jewelry is basically Silver or Golden Oxidized jewelry. Afghani chandbalis are oxidized moon shaped earrings with ghoongroos or latkans added to them.

They look amazing with almost anything and can be worn with every single outfit.

With a kurti at your office, or with a saree at a Puja or with Tees and Shorts by the beach! Add one of these to your collection and have your earring dilemma sorted.

Afghani Dual Chand Jhumkis

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11. Stud Drop earrings

These are basically like the stud earring but are longer with a drop. It doesn’t have a teardrop or a conventional drop though.

These are offbeat and works like magic with your western outfits. When you want to wear something elegant and aren’t satisfied with a simple stud, go for these!

They just add the perfect finesse and glamour needed to complete the chic look.

12. Chandbali earrings

A must-have in every Indian girl’s wardrobe. There are a number of styles in these but what’s common is the moonlike crescent shape of the earrings.

One of the favorites of the Bollywood celebrities too, Chandbalis look amazing and graceful with your Indian attires.

The favorite remains Chandbalis with pearls, Kundan or diamonds. You can also find many enchanting Minakari or painted Chandbalisin the market.

Elegant Chandbali

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13. Designer ear-cuffs

These are not technically an earring, but ear-cuffs today are no less than a mainstream ornamental piece.

They get attached to the lobe like a cuff and are a boon to the girls who like to make bold experiments with their look.

Depending on the design, they accentuate both your Western as well as Indian look! Wear these and be ready to make people turn heads!

14. Feather earrings

A new quirky trend, nature-inspired feather earrings are a young favorite these days. They are either made with a colorful synthetic feather or soft metals carved in the shape of a feather.

They add a fun element and a bohemian touch to your wardrobe. Generally apt with casual attire, you will surely get noticed twice and be ready to make a statement by experimenting these.

Generally apt with casual attire, you will surely get noticed twice and be ready to make a statement by experimenting these.

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15. Tear Drop Earrings

An extension of the basic drop style earring, this style has a hanging from the stud which resembles the shape of a teardrop.

It is generally made with stones, crystal or diamonds which are fine cut in the teardrop shape!

This ravishing creation adds radiance to your look and despite being simple makes you go gaga over it.

How to choose earrings for the wedding dress?

Though in the market there are a number of different earring designs, yet this is a forever classic and perfect pair with everything you wear, you will always be proud of owning one of these!

If you are a “soon to be Bride”, and looking for perfect earrings for your Wedding day, then the best options would be Chandelier Earrings or Traditional Jhumkas.

You would want to look extravagant and royal on your D-Day and these works just the best for you!

You can also consider designs in Chandbali, Druzy Drop Earrings and Dangle Earrings for the other Wedding functions like Mehendi and Sangeet.

So, you don’t have to be in a dilemma anymore about what to take home and which style to put hands on!

Though all of the above styles are drool-worthy, you very well know the different types of earrings and what is one style called and what it complements well with. Let the shopping begin girls!


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