Fine Jewellery Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Surprising your husband with right kind of gift is always tricky. Be it a wedding anniversary or your husband’s birthday, buying a gift for your men that show your love is another ticklish job.

It is because very fewer options left when you think of gift ideas for husband. Jewellery is one of a kind gift, which is worth for the money and also you can impress your husband very quickly.

Here we have listed jewellery gift ideas for your husband with which you can steal your men’s heart. After all who doesn’t like to be pampered with gold jewellery?. 

Add a personal touch by customising it with husband’s name/anything and make it more attractive. He will be glad that you have invested so much time in choosing the best jewellery gift for him.

1. Bracelet

The bracelet is one of a kind men’s accessory that shows cases the masculine in their body. You can get these bracelets in silver or gold. Gold bracelets usually help to showcase the wealth of the men.


All the online stores have different types of bracelets for your men from straightforward and slick to flashy one. By choosing 14K gold for making a bracelet you save more money.

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2. Cufflink

Cufflink can be worn with the professional suites or party attire. Based on what kind of occasions he attends more, you can choose the minimalistic and unique design.


Cufflinks are always the best jewellery gift idea for husband when it is rightly chosen.

3. Ring

You make the ring as a status symbol by selecting the right designs and material. Though some men prefer not to wear gold jewellery, the gold ring is the exception to it. While some men prefer to wear stylish and fashionable rings, others prefer to wear simple rings.

png jewellers mumbai - ring

Browse through gold ring designs for men in online stores and choose the best one that suits his taste and shows your love for him.

4. Kada

Most guys prefer to wear Kada compared to other jewellery available for men. Kada Jewellery makes men look cool and fashionable.

Find the right one for your husband from the different designs of kids for men made of gold and silver.Based on your budget you can choose any material like silver or the gold.

Mens Kada Design In Gold

5. Chain Necklace

One of the must have accessory for any men is gold chain necklace. Different chain jewellery designs available like anchor chain, bar chain, cable chain, rope chain, etc.


It’s all matter what type of chain design that you choose for your husband. You can make it as the most lovely gift for your husband ever, by adding some custom made pendant with it.

6. Pendant

Both men and women can make a fashion statement by wearing the right kind of pendant. The pendant is one of the jewellery gifts will be accepted by any men with great joy and grace.


If you have decided to gift pendant to your husband on birthday or anniversary, choose the one that suits his face shape and taste. You choose to go with heart shaped pendants to show the bond between both of you or you can choose a gold necklace with your husband’s name.

7. Gold Watch

Watch is the one accessory most of the men wears and it never goes out of the fashion. If your men are not comfortable in wearing any jewellery, then gold watch would be the perfect choice of gift for husband.


You can make this watch more exciting by choosing the right kind of designs that can be worn at parties.

8. Stud Earring

Earrings add instant glamour to men and wearing earrings becoming popular among people. Either it is a small silver stud or some diamond stud for men would be the perfect gift for your husband loves fashion.


Salman Khan’s hoop earrings and flower shaped studs are very and famous among movie buffs. If your husband is one of the people love fashion, a small diamond stud would be a perfect choice. You can find different collections of men’s diamond stud earrings in online and offline jewellery stores.

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