How To Write Name On Wedding Rings?

Marriage is considered to be a sacred passage to the beginning of a new chapter in life. Hence, in order to make that one-day extra special, the ring which conjoins two souls needs to be special, meaningful and personally enchanting too.

After the ring for engagement has been picked and worn, it is the time the wedding ring gets proper attention too!

It is normal for a couple to engrave their names on each other’s rings since the act of love and affection was a tradition in the medieval age too.

Considering that, the choice of a wedding ring should be made unique, this can be cherished forever.

If you are on the hunt to search for a really unique ring to complement each other, a little bit of browsing about designs, the intricate details, the jewelers who are able to follow the trend and also the price, is required. After all customizations, engravings can take some time.

Apparently, the wedding ring purchase is one of the biggest time-eaters in the whole wedding shopping process. Let us take a minute to understand the ring types and how to make it special.

So much different, isn’t it? In this post, we will discuss in detail on

Note: Make sure your wedding ring is something that people talk about for the rest of the week after your wedding day.

Why Name Engraved Wedding Rings  Are Special

The significance of a wedding ring is much more than one can perceive. This once in a lifetime emotion can have different impacts on different people. Having the name engraved on the wedding ring increases the bond between the two and also creates a deep impression at the back of the mind.

So, it’s not a bad choice, isn’t it? An engraved ring gives you lots of warm memories later, down the nostalgic memory lane, commemorating special moments adds significance to the date.

Whether the design was chosen from a huge range of pre-made designs or made by you, engraving offers a personal touch representing the love and commitment towards your better half.

Such a ring involves the aura of their partner everywhere they go even in their absence.

The Process To Get Name Engraved On The Ring

Learning the how-tos matter considering the demand. The process of selecting the design and choosing the ring to get it pre-booked needs to be started before a month’s time.

This is because; a lot of research is required when one decides to engrave on a wedding ring.

In order to get hold of these personalized engraved rings, one needs to talk to the jeweler about it. They usually have their designers to work on personalized orders which require extra intricacies and details to the jeweler being bought.

They might end up costing a bit more than usual depending upon the techniques used, machine or hands. There are times when we require the exact wedding ring design our mother’s ring had. In that case, research becomes vital.

You might need to consult many jewelers about the engravings and whether they possess the tools required for the process in order to carry out the engravings of the design selected.

Note that some jewelers are also able to engrave the design on the ring, on spot. Some take some time, depending upon the techniques used.

However, the basic steps to get your ring engraved includes

  • Selecting the design of your choice depending upon the choice of font.
  • Writing down the information or design in order to ensure accuracy.
  • The techniques followed by the jeweler with the tools in order to inscribe the engravings on the wedding ring.
  • Rechecking of the engraving and the design after the work is done.

What To Get Engraved On A Wedding Ring Apart From Names

As the wedding ring is special jewellery after Mangalsura, engraving the ring with something romantic is a really good idea.

You have got a lot of options to choose from when this particular question comes “What to engrave on a wedding ring?”.

The inscription can either be something religious, a message of love, names, or a humorous expression of love. Inscribing the message or design on the ring can be done both on the outside as well on the underside of the ring.

In order to get the inscription perfectly engraved on the ring, it is necessary to make sure that the message would fit within. We have listed few ideas for engraving on a wedding ring.

Explore them and take inspiration from them. Got a unique idea to write on a wedding ring? Share it with us, let’s help the other wedding couples.

1.Names or Nicknames

2. Wedding Date

3. Couple’s Initials

4. “I Love You” or “Forever” messages

platinum rings with names engraved

5. Symbol of Love

6. Humorous Messages

This can be about the first meeting or any humorous statement indicating the relationship to last forever in a rather creative and sarcastic way.

7. Romantic Messages

A romantic inscription might include the possession of each other in their hearts. This might be put in different ways and different languages.

8. Movie Dialogs

Engrave your favorite movie dialog/ a dialog from the first movie you had watched with your partner etc. If you or your partner is Lord of The Ring(LOTR) Series fans, go for dialog engraved in the Elvish font.


Silver Ring for Men - Lord of the ring(the one ring)
Lord of the ring(the one ring)

Cost Of Name Engraved Wedding Rings

The cost of a personalized and customized engraved ring depends upon the size and inscription type of the engravings.

The more intricate the detail of the design, the more is the cost. Other designs like fingerprints or technology-induced rings which help to feel the heartbeat of the spouse in some cases.

As technology has advanced, so have the customization designs and techniques. However, the price of a customized ring can start from Rs. 11,000/-.

The font size, the letters, inscription and the use of hand or machine depends upon the jeweler’s technology availability and the budget of the customer. The engravings made by the machines are generally cheaper than hand engraved as in the latter case the labor cost increases.

However, handmade engravings add to a hand forged feel with a totally different texture. Again, inscriptions required to be engraved on diamonds or precious gems have a different range of prices.


Since the search for a ring with a name engraved on it includes a prolonged procedure to be carried out, if you are looking for the right place to get your unique and personalized ring to be engraved with a touch of love and commitment, contact us for the various suggestions we have to offer!


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