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Customized Jewellery/Personalized Jewellery

You might have seen some one wearing customized jewellery if you don’t you might have heard it as engraved jewellery or personalized jewellery. Customized jewellery is one of the latest trends the jewellery market. Customized jewellery includes name pendant, name engraved rings, initial pendants, custom text engraved jewellery, name plates, name bracelets, engraved gold coins etc.

Custom made jewellery is gaining popularity among people because of their uniqueness, and the way it helps you to express your feelings. Whether you are buying customized jewellery for you for gifting your loved ones, it will be a unique jewellery you will own in your/their life.

Customized Jewellery Designs

Though engraving on jewellery option is available for a long time, with new technology you can get the custom engraved jewellery at many jewellery stores with custom fonts, styles and text/images. We can also spot that many celebrities prefer the personalized jewellery with their name. See, Kim Kardashian wearing a gold pendant with a name.

Customized Gold Coin: When you buy gold coin, usually it will have goddess Lakshmi or Ganesh photo on one side and jewellery store name on the other side. You can engrave your photo or custom text on the gold.

Custom Made Rings: You can customize gold/platinum/silver rings with laser engraving. You can choose what to write on your ring and how do you want it to appear on the ring. Fingerprint engraved rings, voice engraved rings, and Lord of the rings (specially made for LOTR fans) are the few of the different customized rings you can choose from. Gold wedding rings with names engraved is the preferred customized ring by wedding couples and they prefer to write groom name on bride’s ring and bride’s name on groom’s ring.

Custom Made Pendant: Customize the pendants with a word/names/initial/letter of your choice. Who doesn’t like to have their name on a gold jewellery? Name pendant/personalized pendant is one of the unique custom jewellery design to show case your name. You will feel product when you wear a pendant with your name around your neck.

You can design your own jewellery based on your needs. Custom engraved jewellery is best suitable for gifting purpose on occasions like wedding anniversary, birthday, wedding, engagement etc.

How & Where to get Customized Jewellery

It’s very difficult to find an offline store who is providing jewellery customization option. But no worries. There are few online jewellery sites specialized in customized jewellery makings. As the jewellery design has to be made from scratch, you need to give 10-20 days to the jeweler to get the most unique that no one owns.

Custom jewellery can be made in sterling silver or gold or Platinum. If you ever thought customized jewellery cost is more than regular designs, change it now. Actual customized jewellery cost depends on the material, stones, and the design you choose.

Need any help in buying customized jewellery? Contact us, we will connect with you the best jeweler specialized in customized jewellery making.