Ring Designs

The Beautiful Circle of Life- Rings & Bands

Rings have always been a symbol of expression; an expression of love, promise, remembrance, celebrations, youthfulness and many more. This piece of jewellery is equally loved by men and women since time immemorial. There is an almost countless number of ring designs based on different factors such as style, occasions, gender, and material.

Lately, bands have also become a popular choice among patrons. These are also rings but with a uniform width with less or no embellishments or stones. However, it may have a name engraved on the top that makes it the favorite choice among people looking for simple yet classic name engraved wedding rings. At Jewellery Craze, we make sure to provide you with all the latest trends about rings and bands.

Ring Designs- Occasion Based

Engagement Ring Designs

A symbol of love and eternal bond, engagement rings for women come in different styles. Nowadays, it can be a simple solitaire design engagement ring, a designer gold ring or an engagement band. To know about the latest engagement rings, Jewellery Craze is just the rightmost online destination to be.

Wedding Ring Designs

It represents the marital bond and commitment between two souls. Crafted with elegance and perfection, wedding rings are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Depending on one’s taste, a wide variety of wedding ring designs are already available in the market. One of the popular picks among couples is the Kerala wedding ring designs with names. If you are looking for some unique wedding rings ideas or the latest wedding rings, don’t miss checking out Jewellery Craze.

Anniversary Ring Designs

The best way to make your anniversary memorable is a stunning anniversary ring. In fact, anniversary bands have also become a popular choice among couples today. Bands or couple rings in gold with the name are also liked by people. You can even customize the anniversary rings. A lot of options are available in gold ring designs for women.

Promise Ring Designs

 It is a pre-engagement ring that symbolizes the promises or vows of relationship. These can be given to men and women, both. If you are seeking a gold ring design for female without stone, go for plain bands or diamonds.

Class Ring Designs

These are popular among students and are worn to celebrate their achievements in school, college or university. The class ring is generally a band design in the center (school mascot or school color). Gold and even silver ring designs are a popular choice for class rings.

Eternity Band Designs

It is mostly given for engagement purpose. Eternity ring has diamonds studded in it. Jewellery Craze is the best online destination to know all about the best diamond engagement rings, India has to offer.

Cocktail Ring Designs

One of the most sought-after and statement jewellery pieces in any fashionable women’s collection is the cocktail ring. It is an oversized ring with a big stone that is surrounded by smaller stones. These are also the topmost choice when looking for latest diamond ring designs.

Ring Designs- Materials Based

Gold Ring Designs

Gold rings have made their way into the Indian jewellery since ancient time. With changing fashion, a wide array of ladies ring design in gold is available today. In fact, gold rings are mostly tailor-made according to the wearer’s choice. From yellow gold vs rose gold ring, there are multiple options.

Diamond Ring Designs

 Women and men love diamond rings. Ideal for parties, weddings or engagement, these are ideal for all occasions. To know the latest diamond ring designs, Jewellery Craze has the best inspirational ideas.

Platinum Ring Designs

Platinum rings are getting widely popular among youngsters. From a simple plain platinum band for daily wear or elegant platinum wedding rings, a wide variety of designs are there in the platinum material.

Precious Gemstone Ring Designs

These are generally related to birthstones and worn accordingly.

Ring Designs- Style Based

Couple Rings/Bands Designs

These days most of the couples go for couple wedding rings instead of the conventional gold or diamond rings. These are matching simple gold ring design or plain platinum bands. To know the latest him and her wedding ring designs and styles, Jewellery Craze is the one-stop solution for all your jewellery needs. You can also check out the latest trends for engagement rings for couples.

Customized Ring Designs

People mostly go for customized wedding rings or engagement rings suiting their style and needs. You can customize rings according to weight also such as 14k gold wedding rings.

Men’s Ring Designs

 Besides the traditional men’s ring designs in gold, bands are also popular among them. The modern men love to have a minimalistic yet classy ring on his finger. At JewelleryCraze, you can read about the latest designs and trends in men’s jewellery.

Women Ring Designs

 Feminine and graceful, women rings come in plenty of designs. From simple gold rings for ladies to heavily studded rings, the choice is endless. Jewellery Craze provides information about all the latest gold rings for ladies.

Knuckle Ring Designs

 It is a personalized jewellery piece and a style statement for women as well as men. Smaller than normal rings, it is basically worn on the knuckle or fingertip.

Name Ring for Couples

Many couples opt for personalized engagement rings with names these days. The spelling of the name is carved on the upper part of the ring. Jewellery Craze gives you amazing ideas on how to write name on wedding ring.

Although a ring may serve as a symbolic or aesthetic piece of jewellery, it always depicts the time and speaks a lot about the personality of the wearer. We, at Jewellery Craze, are committed to providing you with the latest updates on jewellery designs and styles.