20+ Latest Gold Necklace Designs For Your Desired Look

Accessorizing your outfit has never been more difficult than today’s day and age. With so many accessories in the market, authentic and otherwise, you might’ve acted wise and decided to buy gold necklace sets; but that’s no piece of cake either.

Gold necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, appealing to everyone from different ages.

There’s plenty of choices out there, but fear not, we’re here to help you out of this dilemma. The following describes all the latest gold necklace designs in the trend.

You can pick either of these pieces according to the occasion and rock your amazing outfit with the best accessory out there.

So, let’s get started!

Layered Gold necklaces

A layered gold necklace can go all the way if you chose to make a subtle yet gorgeous statement. This exquisite piece of layered jewelry works with most of your traditional outfits.

The fascinating thing about this is its elegance that works wonders for a nice dinner party among other occasions.

Gold Choker

This is perhaps the most trending and gorgeous gold necklace for this festive or wedding season. You cannot go wrong if you pair this magnificent gold choker with red rubies and white gold finish with your lehenga or a sari.

It will not only give you an ethereal look but also will completely transform your outfit. And an added benefit, these chokers never go out of style!

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Temple Jewelry

Antique temple jewelry has always been one of the most top chosen jewelry in Indian history of gold necklaces. This not only makes you feel like a royal but also adds a much needed traditional look to your overall attire.

However, because this piece is particularly heavy-looking, you should refrain from wearing long jhumkas and go for lighter ones with even a monochrome and simple outfit!

Bib gold necklace

Having got the name from a cloth that’s hung around the baby’s neck while feeding, a bib gold necklace is very elegant with its gold and Kundan work. It works best with a sheer outfit and adds a minimal makeup look.

A deeper neckline or an off shoulder attire will really show off this new addition to your jewelry collection!

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Rani Haar

A royalty preferred, this necklace again can make any girl feel like the best of the best. Favored by many celebrities and designers as well, pairing this with equally matching earrings and a maangteeka can add wonders to your attire!

Mango Haram

A mango haram is a much favored exquisitely designed piece of jewelry that is the most popular in South India. Made in gold, it boasts of many additions of Kundan and pearls that give it an elegant finish.

The longer the Haram, the more it looks better with a shorter necklace like a choker worn with it!

Big Wedding Necklace - Shriya Saran

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A Satlada, as the name suggests is a seven layered necklace that covers the area from your neck to the navel. This is a favorite among the brides, and also for every other traditional or festive occasion.

A Hyderabadi specialty, this exquisite and gorgeous piece of jewelry can add sparks to your entire attire and give you a regal look!


A choker as we saw above, is worn tightly around the neck but an Addigai, is worn loosely and hangs around the neck covering much more area than a choker. This type of Indian beauty necklace is most appropriate and best for a simple traditional event.

So if you wanna keep it simple, but still make a bold statement, an Addigai will help you bring the exact amount of elegance to your look!

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Everyone knows gold is not just for weddings or a bride only metal. And with the “less is more” thinking these days, a light weighted piece cannot go amiss.

This gorgeous piece can rock your outfit with bewitching elegance and can also work with your bachelorette cocktail dress along with a not so casual wear!

Necklaces with motifs

A bold statement necklace with motifs is the new trend that’s been the most famous this season. These gorgeous pieces can work with your Indo-western as well as ethnic attires successfully.

A peacock motif or a Lakshmi Kundan will add a new sense of fashion to your jewelry collection.

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Tribal necklaces

Everyone wishes to stand out in an event and what better way to do that, then choosing this breathtaking piece of tribal necklace.

This piece works best with an off-shoulder blouse and its layering adds a uniqueness to every attire you wish to do!

Spiked necklaces

Necklaces with spikes are best suited for people who prefer having an edge to their outfit. If you plan on buying these, you can go for either a monochrome cocktail dress like an LBD or a crop top with denim jeans for a perfect look!

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Infinity necklaces

Going back to the philosophy of “less is more” if light weighted jewelry is your thing, this is what you should buy for a supremely elegant look!

Square tube

More of a gold pendant than a necklace, a square tube when worn with a deep neckline accentuates your curves. It works best with you western dresses and even a low-cutgiving an illusion of taller frame!

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Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are the most evergreen type of jewelry for every occasion. If you do not want to go all antique on your jewelry voices, this modern and trendy piece is the godsend for you.

The gold chain perfectly complements the pearly whites and makes the perfect neckpiece!

Emerald Necklaces

Emerald greens have always been a fashion favorite for ages. The gold finish makes these pieces best for your traditional events.

However, these emeralds are available in many colors and shapes, and so you can have all kinds of varieties in your wardrobe!

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Ruby necklaces

A stunning ruby necklace is all you need to pep up your entire outfit with a fresh and rose-y look. Rubies have been the most wanted pieces of jewelry in every kind of necklaces. These are used in almost every type of necklaces and thus, are the gorgeous pieces ever.

Coin necklaces with motifs

If you feel that your outfit lacks a traditional aesthetic, all you need to do is buy a coin motif necklace set and you’re sorted!

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Beaded necklaces

Gold beads have always added an aesthetic appeal to jewelry of every kind. Buying a beaded gold necklace can enhance your look multifold!

Pearl drop neck pieces

Popular with the western gowns, these necklaces have a backdrop of pearls and a gold finish, which makes the aesthetic even stronger.

Now, having told you all about the latest gold necklace rends around you, the most important thing to keep in mind is your own preference. At the end of the day, after all, is said and done, it’s you who has to wear the jewelry.

So, invest and choose wisely. Go for a style that you like the most and the one in which you’re most comfortable. Happy shopping!!!


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