10 Latest jewellery Trends In 2018 To Look Forward

Which girl or woman does not like jewellery?

The answer would definitely be no-one! The main reason for having such an answer is also justifiable because jewellery is the main set of accessories that any women can have.

A small piece of jewellery is enough to brighten up your look and add uniqueness to your dress or get up.

There are certain jewellery trends that are going to come up very soon among which some of them would be made available as soon as the year 2018 gives a kickstart.

The fine jewellery trends in 2018 are going to extremely stylish and something that the fashion world has never seen before so let us have a look at them.

1. The gold bling

The thought of jewellery instantly brings to mind the thought of gold jewellery. Who does not like wearing even a small chunk of this metal is enough to attract attention and get some admiration.

And when it come s to fashion, then gold, even bring a vintage metal used in jewellery making is not left behind in terms of designs.

The tie chains and small personalized pendants with names and expressions engraved are pretty much going to carry the baton of sophistication and be the latest jewellery trend in 2018, the next year.

2. Collars and ear cuffs

Be it in gold, silver or merely some fashion jewellery, both sleek and heavy collars are definitely going to be the showstoppers.

The trending women’s jewellery will definitely include both light and chic ear cuffs that would be matched with western outfits and the heavy once too would be paired by most, with some heavy or traditional outfit.

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3. Nature Jewellery

The latest trendy jewellery includes not only some traditional designs but also the amalgamation of both.

Nature engraved in the jewellery or the concept of some nature in some of the other jewellery that includes semi-precious and precious stones and metals as well is something that is going to be accepted with open arms by women of all age groups.

Nature-based ideas are going to become the hallmark of the jewellery trends 2018. Turtles, butterflies, trees, bees, flowers, and birds are supposed to be featured prominently in the upcoming jewellery.

4. Wood/Stones/Feather Jewellery

These kinds of jewellery indicate the jewellery made up of natural materials such as stones, wood, fruit seeds, leather and even bird feathers.

The best part about these kinds of jewellery is that they are cent percent natural, cheap and are very much in vogue.

Feather earrings - Shruti Hassan

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5. Statement jewellery

To glamorize any of your staple wardrobe items any big earring, bracelet or ring would just be fine.

These modern and unique pieces and will readily make sure making sure you are never a fashion-backward person.

So, don’t be afraid to buy one this summer. You will definitely be on trend with these trending women’s jewellery in 2018.

6. Arm cuffs and bangles

Arm cuffs and bangles are an integral part of Indian attire. For any wedding, gold bangles are a must and they are definitely going to be very trendy in the coming year.

Gold bangle’s designs India which are latest are basically the thin and intricate ones. The latest 22k gold jewellery designs are to die for.

Especially the ones that are studded with gem dust to add a dash of color to your wedding outfit are a must have for any bride.

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7. Uncut

Cuts are the hottest jewellery trends in 2018 possible that will reign the whole year 2018. Chunky neck pieces are enough to complete and change an otherwise monotone look.

These jewellery are going to appear in all sorts of metals like platinum, brass, gold, silver and even plastic.

Latest gold necklace designs 2018 which will be opted especially for marriage are also going to be mostly of asymmetric shape and with uncut stoned and even in jarao.

8. Mineral jewellery

Whether in your earrings or in your bracelets or in your pendants. The unpolished mineral pieces of jewellery are going to become an integral part of 2018 fashion.

If these pieces aren’t yet a part of your wardrobe then get one for yourself immediately.

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9. Heavy gold jewellery for the wedding

Gold jarao and minakari are a must have in any big fat Indian wedding jewellery and for the same, small and sleek jewellery are often put on the back seat and instead some gaudy, a gigantic piece is preferred to complement the heavy Indian wedding attire.

Starting from a matha Patti to a kamarmandh, from heavy anklets to a bajubandh- these antiques are supposed to be famous forever.

10. Fine twinning

Filigree detailing is very popular in jewellery, especially in pendants but they are also used in making earrings and rings as well.

The jewellery has thin metal filaments or wires that are twined and bent to form very intricate openwork designs which can be made into solid or abstract designs.

The best part is that these fine jewellery trends in 2018 are preferred for all possible occasion.





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  1. The jewellery has thin metal filaments or wires that are twined and bent to form very intricate openwork designs which can be made into solid or abstract designs.

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