20+ Movie Inspired Wedding Rings Awesome Geeky Couples!

Not all brides and grooms like their weddings and engagements in the traditional manner. Theme weddings are a new rage and taking the world by a storm.

So when there can be theme weddings, why not the rings!

After all, these are the ultimate proof of your love and the witness of togetherness!

For the awesome geeky couples who love Fantasy fictions and Superheroes sagas, here are a few options of Movie inspired wedding rings to choose from.

Pokémon Wedding ring

Who on earth isn’t a fan of those cute Pokémons? If you or your partner too is a fan of these cute creatures and want to add their element in your life, get this awesome diamond and ruby studded poke ball Pokémon wedding rings!

Ref: collegehumor

Lord of the rings Replica wedding ring

A wedding band so perfect that it looks straight out of your favorite movie! This unisex ring from the lord of the rings is indeed a lord! It’s perfectly crafted and quite a replica of the one used in the movie made of gold and similar embossing done!

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Star Wars inspired wedding rings

Not a fan of conventional gold and diamond wedding rings? A big-time fan of the greatest fantasy sci-fi movie? Fret not; don’t settle down for an ordinary wedding ring set.

Treat yourself and your partner with star wars wedding band set and flaunt away your love!

Star Wars wedding rings I love you I know

How cool will it be when your rings will speak the love and bond you share with your partner and that too in a Star Wars style!

Get a pair of awesome Star wars wedding bands made out of platinum or white gold and statements carved out.

Ref: etsy

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Batman wedding band set

If you have dreamt of flying above the city of Gotham in Batmobile wearing black capes like a superhero couple, well that’s not quite possible!

But what is possible is that you can exchange Black metal awesome wedding bands for your big day. Get a diamond-studded for her and plain Batman band for him.

 Ref: evermarker

Batman Wedding band for him

If you want to surprise your man who is a big fan of superheroes and especially Bruce Wayne, get him an awesome classy Batman wedding ring in white gold with black Batman symbols engraved and diamond studded.

Stun him as well as all the guests present at your wedding.

Ref: neatorama

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Princess Belle Tiara Wedding ring

Feminine and enchanting forever, straight out of a fairy tale are these awesome Beauty and the beast inspired wedding rings for her. In the shape of a tiara, let her know that she truly is a princess in your life.

Ref: reeds.com

Harry Potter Wedding Rings for couple

Apart from love for each other, if you both are Potterheads and want to celebrate the common love for Harry Potter, ditch the conventional rings and exchange a pair of Harry Potter wedding rings and bands.

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Winged Snitch Harry Potter wedding ring

A wedding ring generally has a classy and minimalistic design, which can be worn forever in the ring finger.

If you are looking for something similar but want to add an element of your love for Daniel Radcliffe and the movies Harry Potter, get yourself a minimalistic design like this.

Ref: hellogiggles

The Legends of Zelda wedding rings

A Legends of Zelda wedding ring carved out of white gold and studded with diamonds around is something every Zelda fan would love. The design is so classy that it’s almost like a contemporary beautiful diamond ring!

Ref: zeldauniverse

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Superman wedding rings set

For the ones who are a fan of Superman, the savior in blue and red and maybe fell in love watching one of his movies, have to exchange vows over these super awesome Superman wedding rings.

Crafted to perfection with a logo in Rose Gold color, any Superman fan would love these!

Ref: beeggold.com

Mens Superman wedding bands

Rough and rustic, very macho and utterly handsome! If your man has these qualities and adores Superman flicks, surprise him with a rustic unconventional superman wedding band.

He would go gaga over this and would love to flaunt it in front of friends.

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Elvish wedding Rings for couple

How about little elves entering your lives and bringing all the good and happy things making your life more beautiful than a fairytale!

Well that may or may not happen, these Elvish wedding rings set will sure make up your wedding mood!

Ref: ebyca

Women’s Moonshine Elvish engagement rings

A delicate and sober ornament piece for a dreamer who wishes all your aspirations to come true! Perfectly carved on a beautiful light blue gem, this platinum Elvish ring is every fairytale movie lover’s dream come true!

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Custom Designed R2D2 Engagement ring


Ref: custommade

Captain America Diamond Wedding Ring

Fans of Captain America, give a loud cheer! A perfect unisex Captain America Engagement Ring or Wedding ring studded with small diamonds to glisten your eyes!

The signature Captain America shield is so amazing!

Wonder woman engagement Ring for her

You want to surprise your fiancé, yet tell her that you acknowledge her strength and are proud that she is one strong woman who can take on the world, propose her with the Wonder Woman wedding rings and be sure to steal her heart away!

Ref: ebyca


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Final Fantasy inspired Marriage rings

For the fans of Final Fantasy movie who want an out of the box wedding jewelry, this ring is the perfect pick.

Made with classy dark platinum and engraved with a golden design inspired from the movie, a wedding band like this is sure an accessory to show off your love!

Tangled Rapunzel Wedding Ring

A beautiful princess with hair like a dream… Inspired by the movie, this Rapunzel wedding ring is a perfect replica of movie’s storyline.

The purple amethyst is sure to get your woman enchanted and mesmerized. Shout out for fairytale love.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Wedding ring

If your man is as amazing and crazy as Captain Jack Sparrow and is a big-time fan of the movies series Pirates of the Caribbean, get him one of these awesome Jack Sparrow rings.

Ditch the regular rings and woo him with an awesome White gold and green stone ring!

All the movie geeks and fans give a loud cheer and start planning the order for your wedding rings! After all, why be a regular couple, when you can be a Fan-Couple!

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