10+ Pure Silver Gift Items For Marriage Below 1000

Wedding presents are should be unique, usable and rememberable. While most of the people gift the envelope filled with money, you can choose a silver gift for marriages. ‘All that glitters is not gold’. True, for golden memories can also be created in silver.

Folks, it’s time to think beyond gold for a wedding gift. Add a silver lining to your loved one’s life on their wedding day. Wondering how?

If the budget is your concern, there are many pure silver items that are below Rs. 1,000 & you can be sure that the wedding couples are impressed by your gift.

Gift the bride and groom something made of the precious metal silver on this wedding season.

Here’s a list of 10+ pure silver gift items for marriage below 1000, you can select from that suits your taste and budget. These silver gift ideas for marriage include silver pooja items to silver jewellery to silver coins.

1. Silver Diyas or Lamps Or Vilakku

Silver Diyas would be the best silver gift for a marriage as the couple starting the new life and diyas represent the light in their life.

Light up the life of the newly-weds by presenting silver diyas or lamps on their wedding. Lighting a diya has a huge significance in Hindu religion.

Moreover, it’s a tradition being followed in every Indian home since time immemorial. Silver diyas would be a suitable wedding gift for the couple. Silver Diyas available in different sizes and models like Kuthuvilakku, Deepam & Kamatchi Vilakku.

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2. Silver Kumkum / Vermillion box

Silver Vermillion or kumkum box is a perfect traditional Indian wedding present. Moreover, its cultural significance makes it all the more special for the bride.

A beautifully stone-studded peacock or one in the shape of a lotus or engraved with intricate floral patterns. You can get different types kumkum box designs in online varied design, shape, size, and pattern.

The price of this silver kumkum is ranging around INR 500 to 700.

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3. Service Tray

A service tray made of sterling silver is an extraordinary and time-honored wedding or anniversary gift.

To add a personal touch, you can engrave the tray replicating the wedding invitation or with details of the special day.

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 4. Wedding Flutes

Raise a toast to your love with champagne flutes. Slender silver flutes with a luxurious gift wrapping can be a wonderful wedding present to add cheers to the special moments in their life together.

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5. Silver Jewellery Box

You can’t leave considering jewellery box if you are searching for silver gifts for a wedding. What better gift to woo a bride than a silver jewellery box with intricate meenakari designs? It would not only look grand but be useful too.

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6. Silver Photo Frame

We all love to capture those precious moments of our life in picture-perfect frames. Photo stands or frames in silver indeed make for a unique wedding gift.

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7. Silver Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Idols

Bless the newly-weds with silver idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi wishing good luck, prosperity, and happiness in their journey together.

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 8. Silver Coins For Gifting

Gold coins make for a great wedding gift. But, if you wish to stick to a reasonable budget then silver coins are not bad either. A gift of precious metal on your loved one’s special day.

Though plain silver coins are readily available in most shops, you can leave a memorable mark by personalizing the coin.

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Engrave the newly wedded couple’s name or photo on one side while a wedding wish, the marriage date or even your name on the other side of the coin.

First, select a coin of desirable weight- 10 gms, 20 gms or 50 gms and customize it the way you want. Voila! The best wedding gift in silver is ready.

9. Silver Showpieces

If the wedding couple is a connoisseur of art, gift them something beautiful and aesthetic made of precious silver. A silver showpiece to adorn their new home can be your best token of love.

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10. Customized Silver Pens

For a more sophisticated feel, gift a pair of customized silver pens to the happy couple engraved with their names or a special wedding one-liner.

Ref: memorablegifts.com

11. Silver Jewellery

Well, the days of heavy gold ornaments are gone. Nowadays, women like to keep it simple yet stylish. They prefer something that can be worn on a regular basis without requiring much care and maintenance.

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For this, silver jewellery is a perfect option. So, when the next wedding comes, rather than spending for an expensive metal like gold, gift a pair of customized silver couple rings engraved with their names, a pair of silver anklets or an attractive statement necklace in silver.

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12. Silver Dinner Set

In case you are planning for a royal gift and wouldn’t mind to spend a lavish amount, go for a silverware dinner set.

Delicately handcrafted plates, spoons, bowls, glasses with colorful Meenakari designs will surely impress the newly-weds. Besides its utility purpose, it will not only adorn their dining table but also, be a prized possession for life.

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Geeta Aunty’s daughter might just love that silver jewelry box.

How about raising a toast in silver champagne flutes at Mr. Sharma’s grand wedding reception party? Everybody is different. Choose the gift that they will love most.

Once you have decided, comment below to let us know your choice and which of these gifts you would like to get for the upcoming wedding.



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