26 Most Beautiful Rose Gold Ring Designs

Hey girls, haven’t you at least at some point of jewellery shopping gone to a jewellery and expected the salesman to give you something other than yellow gold because you were bored of wearing yellow gold jewellery all your life?

But then you asked yourself, what would match to the glam, elegance, and beauty yellow gold gave?

Then here’s what you have been searching for; Rose gold!

Rose gold unlike yellow gold is a rose in color (just as the name denotes) and gives a whole new look to any attire. Rose gold is classy and chic.

From rose flowers to rose gold, the color rose just outshines all the other colors in terms of the visual appeal the color has.

And that is one of the main reasons why many jewellery lovers these days give a complete shift to their styling and ensure that they add elements of rose gold into their accessories.

Rose gold is often known as pink gold. It has a very beautiful and gorgeous color which intensifies with age. The color of the rose gold might vary in different lights through its beauty sustains.

Rose gold is an alloy of gold which has added copper content. The more the copper content in the metal the more the rose color tone is.

And the more the rose color tone is, the wider and elaborate rose gold jewellery collection will be. From darker shades of rose god to some lighter shades, and often a mix max of both; rose gold jewellery assures every fashion lover that the jewellery will be glamorous and attractive.

Rose gold is often associated with love. The charm of the color tone and the warm subtle look makes it a symbol of love.

This is one of the reasons why rose gold is chosen over every other precious metal when it comes to wedding and engagement jewellery.

From rose gold pendants and earrings to rose gold rings, the collection of rose gold jewellery is never-ending.

Here are 26 most beautiful rose gold ring designs that will make anyone chose rose gold over yellow gold.

1. Rose Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Unique Rose Gold Feather Engagement Ring

3. Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

4. Rose Gold Heart Pandora Ring

5. King & Queen Rose Gold Promise Ring

6. Rose Gold Crown Designer Ring

7. Simple Rose Gold Crown Ring

8. Celtic Knot Rose Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

9. Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

10. Rose Gold Wedding Ring With Blue Sapphire

11. Rose Gold Princess Crown Wedding Ring

12. Rose Gold Princess Cut Ring For Her

13. Rosy Rose Gold Vintage Ring

14. Rose Gold Stackable Ring

15. Rose Gold Infinity Ring

16. Spit Shank Rose Gold Wedding Band

17. C&M Simple Rose Gold Wedding Ring

18. Rose gold engagement rings for women

19. Rose Gold Bow Promise Ring

20. Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set For Couples

21. Rose Gold Ring With Amethyst Store

22. rose gold cushion cut engagement ring

23. Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

24. rose gold morganite engagement rings

25. Rose Gold Vintage Wedding Band

26. Heart Shaped Rose Gold Ring


27. Ladies 14k Rose Gold Claddagh Ring with Trinity Band

These are some of the most beautiful rose gold ring designs we have found, and there may be much more to add on to the list, cause rose gold ring designs are simply mesmerizing.

Moreover, it’s wonderful to know that more and more people are now choosing the hottest precious metal, rose gold! Rose as a colour is often said to be ‘girly’, but it’s amazing that people are breaking the girly stereotype and choosing the bright pink colored rose gold jewellery.

It can also add a vintage and  romantic look to any attire. Rose gold has high durability when compared to yellow and white gold and it also matches all skin color tones.

Let it be for a hippie look or a vintage one, for a dazzling girly look or as a daily wear, who wouldn’t like to have a bold rose statement jewellery to add that chic element to your attire?

And guess what, Rose gold gained popularity as a fashionable piece of jewellery over two centuries ago( around 1800 AD) in Russia, and due to the popularity it gained in Russia it was named ‘Russian gold’. But later Russians lost their love for it and it became famous as Rose gold.

But now with the growing love for rose gold in the jewellery world, we wonder if it would get some new name soon!


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