4 Wedding Jewellery Designs Spotted in Samantha’s Marriage

Marriages are not only time for celebrations but are also time to bring out the fashionista and jewellery lover in you. After all, weddings are always exciting, and when it comes to celebrity weddings, it’s double the excitement.

Moreover, celebrities always end up having their fans who are more excited than them. This excitement was really seen when it came to Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s wedding.

From the engagement to the wedding and even after that, the shutterbugs were always behind them to let the audience know what is up with their favorite celebrities.

Samantha has always been an actress who knows how to charm her audience with her looks and attires, and hence she is wedding was certainly an event every fashion lover was waiting.

And yes.. finally she married the love of her life and also gave her fans some serious marriage goals, couple goals and also fashion goals.

Though she chose to be minimalistic when it comes to accessories, her wedding jewellery designs were just mind-blowing!

So here are 4 wedding jewellery designs spotted in Samantha’s marriage.

A heavy statement necklace is all that you need to look elegant

Samantha with the heavy statement necklace adoring her neckline,  just proved that minimal accessories can bring the much-needed elegance to any attire!

Though we traditionally believed that the more the jewellery, the, more the elegance and beauty; Samantha’s jewellery has made us realize that it can be true the other way too.

The neckpiece just complemented the shimmery and gorgeous Kresha Bajaj Zaveri lehenga, making the entire look seize every fashionista’s heart.

Anyone who has noticed her wedding jewellery collection will surely lock eyes with this necklace and will, of course, fall in love with the way her jewellery is designed.

The stones of her necklace are all of unique sizes and shapes; some are teardrop shaped while some others are oval shaped. But the arrangement of the stones is in such a way that the beauty of the stones is not lost, despite the peculiarity in shape.

Maang Tikka, a stone studded affair

We Indians love jewellery, and we love to add the beauty of jewellery everywhere from head to toe. Maang Tikka is the best hair jewellery that adds glamour to both hair and face of anyone who wears it.

Samantha’s Maang Tikka is also one of its kind. And quite surprisingly, her Maang Tikka and Earrings share the same design and hence make a beautiful pair. The circular shape of the Maang Tikka makes it standout on her complexion and also shows out her facial features.

It is very well designed and has a number of stones dropping from the circular center of the Maang Tikka.The stones have a very soothing tone that matched her attire.

The no-necklace look certainly helps the other jewelleries to stand out, and the earring which has a design similar to the Maang Tikka completes the diva in her!

An exquisite piece of temple jewellery

The neckpiece Samantha had adorned on her Hindu wedding day is a  statement jewellery that genuinely personifies elegance and grandeur. Rather than covering herself with jewellery, Samantha preferred keeping it simple, and that has made all the difference.

Her jewellery is handcrafted temple collection designs. The necklace is again embellished with rubies and other stones which makes it suitable for her attire and the occasion.

That one neckpiece is more than enough to be the show stopper that every bride was. The neckpiece is complemented by a completely stone studded Maang tikka that covers the upper half of her forehead.

The necklace is definitely a wonderful designer jewellery that suits the tone of the event.

What is a wedding without diamond?

Simple yet glamorous, that is this diamond necklace. The gorgeous necklace that Samantha wore on her Christian wedding day is a flawless design that looks amazing.

She walked down the aisle in style with her white gown and the diamond embellished necklace just make her look like an angel. The design of the necklace is a very peculiar one.

Moreover, the designer has put off the best of his skills in the most effortless way possible, giving the jewellery a very classy look. Diamonds of different sizes are put together in a way that the jewellery as a whole looks simple, in spite of having a very elaborate design.

This is yet another jewellery design that one can spot in her wedding.

These are a few fantastic jewellery designs that we spotted in Samantha’s marriage. She had decided to give up on the idea of wearing many pieces of jewellery and has adopted the concept minimalistic jewellery at its best.

These jewellery designs are fabulous that even a single piece of jewellery just makes her look complete. From heavy statement necklaces to Maang Tikka and diamond embellished necklace, her marriage was genuinely the big fat Indian wedding!

Four days, four different attires and different jewellery designs, what else does a jewellery lover need to drool over her style?


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