A Curated Selection of Tanishq Mangalsutra Designs for the Indian Bride

Mangalsutras form a very significant part of any of the Hindu marriages performed according to the Vedic rites.

It not only represents the uniting of two souls in the amalgamation of the wedding, but it is also a sign of her husband for a lady.

The black beads, which form a major part of the Mangalsutra are measured auspicious and are believed actually to ward off any evil intentions.

So, out of every brand, an array of beautiful Tanishq mangalsutra collections will make you bewildered.

18K Mangalsutra In Gold From Tanishq

This 18K yellow Tanishq gold mangalsutra subjects the dual chains of yellow gold rolo patterned body and adorned with the black beads, each set comprising almost ten pairs of beads.

The floral element, leaf designs as well as the teardrop motif is actually adorned with fifty-four round luminous cut diamonds of G-H color range and SI2 clarity.

Tanishq Gold Mangalsutra Pendant

When talking about Tanishq mangalsutra designs and price, this 22KT yellow gold mangalsutra pendant is absolutely amazing. It subjects sparkling black beads, which are partitioned by the refined and elegant yellow gold beads. 

A pendant, which contains two teardrop elements, as well as circular patterns, are connected to form a gorgeous design.

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Tanishq Gold & Diamond Mangalsutra

Are you opting for some latest Tanishq gold mangalsutra designs? Then, it can be your perfect option. This 18KT is absolutely amazing with the traditional wear. And the best part is it will add the elegance to your look.

Tanishq 22k Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Amongst all of the collection of Tanishq mangalsutra, this is an absolutely unique and exclusive collection. This 22K gold mangalsutra design exhibits a fashionable design.

The mangalsutra features the single strand that is adorned with the black beads adorned with a double-orb element.

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Tanish Gold Long Mangalsutra Designs

If you have a fascination on gold mangalsutra, this Tanishq gold long mangalsutra can be your ideal choice. This gold long mangalsutra exhibits a combination of round black beads and round gold beads.

The graceful design makes it a refined ornament.

Tanishq Short Mangalsutra Design in Gold

If you are someone has interest on gold and diamond then Tanishq short mangalsutra design in gold is the amazing option for you.

Having both of these metals, this is absolutely ideal for the traditional wear. It will enhance your look anyhow.

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Tanishq 50 Gram Gold Mangalsutra

Are you interested in little heavier design instead of sleek designs? Then purchasing gold mangalsutra online Tanishq will be absolutely ideal.

This is absolutely idyllic with the traditional wear. It subjects and blasted cylindrical elements, yellow gold beads, black beads, as well as twisted wire rings, along with the chain.

Tanishq Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Amongst all of the Tanishq diamond mangalsutra designs, it is one of the exclusive designs for conjugal women.

This 18KT yellow gold mangalsutra displays almost sixty-four round brilliant cut diamonds of the G-H color as well as SI2 clarity grade that adds the charm to your personality.

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Tanishq Long Chain Gold Mangalsutra

Among all of the contemporary mangalsutra designs from Tanishq, this is exclusively designed beautifully. It is not just gorgeous but also quite trendy and fashionable in look.

This long chain gold mangalsutra contains a single yellow gold rolo patterned body along with the uniformly sprinkles gold beads.

Tanishq Traditional Mangalsutra Designs

When you talk about gold mangalsutra price at Tanishq, you should know that this is available in reasonable price. The beautiful and sparkling mangalsutra make your appearance mind-blowing.

These elegant large traditional mangalsutra designs make the design of the entire chain stylish and ravishing.

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Tanishq Mangalsutra Pendant Designs in Gold

It is the absolutely exclusive collection of Tanishq jewellery mangalsutra. This mangalsutra pendant in gold subjects a group of 6zero beads that are separated by two yellow gold beads. The mangalsutra is available in various sizes.

Tanishq Gold Hindu Mangalsutra Design

This gold Hindu mangalsutra design with sparkling black beads makes your traditional look absolutely outstanding. The diamond shape component is balanced by O-rings. Wearing the wonderful piece, you will look absolutely stunning.

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Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Design From Tanishq

It is another exclusive latest diamond mangalsutra from Tanishq. The mangalsutra pendant Tanishq has gained immense popularity amongst people for its unique design. It will create an absolute traditional look.

Tanishq South Indian Mangalsutra Design

Tanishq south Indian mangalsutra design is available in this specific collection. This 22KT yellow gold mangalsutra subjects black beads along the chain, placed at equal intervals. It can be an ideal choice for your wedding night.

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Tanishq Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Design

When you look for latest diamond mangalsutra designs fromTanishq, this is the one that can be your ideal choice. This is a latest gold and diamond mangalsutra, which easily refines your look.

Tanishq Simple Gold Mangalsutra Design

When you opt for the finest mangalsutra from Tanishq gold mangalsutra collection, it can be the utmost choice for your wedding night. This simple gold mangalsutra design contains a very trendy look.

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Tanishq Indian Gold Mangalsutra Designs

If you are finding for the Tanishq Indian gold mangalsutra with price inconsiderable amount, go for this one. The 22KT beautiful gold pendant with some black beads has made it attractive and gorgeous.

Tanishq Contemporary Gold Mangalsutra Design

Amongst all of the collections of Tanishq diamond mangalsutra jewellery, this is one of the excellent choices available in various sizes. This contemporary gold mangalsutra design subjects the black beads, housed within gold wires.

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Tanishq Gold Small Mangalsutra Design

Theis Tanishq gold small mangalsutra design is not only stylish, but the exclusive shape of its band can make your appearance also very different.

Tanishq Modern Mangalsutra Designs

While asking about the unique and exclusive mangalsutra for a wedding night, this can be a perfect option. It will enhance your entire traditional look.

These above-mentioned exclusive Tanishq gold and diamond mangalutra designs are absolutely great for your wedding night. So, grab the most beautiful one for your special day.

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